FAQ's- Grace Initiative

1. Q: What is the purpose of a commitment card and why am I being asked to fill one out?

A: The purpose of a commitment card is two-fold: 1) Individually, it’s a commitment of funds over a two-year period that you feel you can provide to GBC to assist with the Grace Initiative. This commitment should be prayerfully considered between you, your family and God. Remember that funds provided to the Grace Initiative should be in addition to your normal giving, 2) Collectively, the total amount of Grace Initiative commitments received will be used by the elders to determine how much funding we can expect from the GBC family. This in turn, will influence timing and scope of the various renovation and expansion projects.

2. Q: Will the commitment cards be confidential?

A: The amounts will be recorded by the financial secretary and treasurer. The staff and elders will only receive the aggregate summation.

3. Q: How can I give to the Grace Initiative? On-line? Check? Stock transfer?

A: Please use these steps to give to the Grace Initiative: 1) Everyone should complete a commitment card and place in one of the giving boxes, 2) If you give on-line, after you select “Make a Transaction,” you will see a box for “Grace Initiative” under the Special Giving Opportunities heading. Enter the amount of your gift in that box and then continue as normal. 3) If you give via offering envelopes or by check, please indicate “Grace Initiative” on the envelope so the amount you are designating will be recorded properly by the financial office. Also, write Grace Initiative in the memo line of your check.

4. Q: Will I be notified when I complete my commitment?

A: If requested, the financial office will follow up with you periodically to provide your current giving record toward your total commitment amount. Also, your Grace Initiative gifts will be included in your annual, year-end giving statement. Note that these funds are tax-deductible, just like your normal giving to GBC.

5. Q: What happens if I am unable to complete my commitment for some reason? On the other hand, can I give more than I committed?

A: Turning in a commitment card, while a serious matter, does not obligate you to give the full amount. While we look forward to hearing about the amazing ways God will provide, we also understand that God may allow some of us to go through financially difficult situations in the next year. Most importantly, we are praying that God will continue to glorify Himself through the people and ministries of Grace Bible Church.

6. Q: How will the construction be phased?

A: We are currently working with our construction manager to get a plan for final phasing of this project. 

7. Q: What is involved with the sanctuary renovation? Will the capacity be increased so we can return to one combined service?

A: The renovations will include refinishing the pews, new carpeting, and an updated stage area. After the front entrance expansion is complete, additional overflow seating will be added to the narthex to increase capacity of the sanctuary. According to our current growth trends, this expansion will not accommodate a return to one service. The elders and staff believe we should continue with multiple services with the long-range intent of planting churches in response to future growth.

8. Q: What is the timeline for this work to begin?

A: We are hoping to begin to "create dust" in the summer of 2017. 

9. Q: How will we manage the construction projects?

A: We have hired a qualified construction management company that will be responsible for schedule, interfacing with the various contractors, and obtaining competitive pricing for services.

10. Q: How will the adoption ministry work?

A: This ministry is still in the infancy stage (get it?), so we will be thinking and praying about what it might look like over the next year.

11. Q: Can members participate in the construction to save money?

A: If you have skills that you would like to donate to this work, speak with an elder and we will consider the options.

12. Q: Are we considering a loan to help finance this project?

A: The elders and pastors believe we should avoid debt if possible. We are not opposed to using a short-term loan during the construction period if we are reasonably certain that forthcoming pledges will off-set the loan amount within 6-12 months.


13. Q: How will the construction impact the ongoing activities of the church? Where will we meet?

A: We have some ideas based on our discussions with the architect, but have not finalized a plan yet. There will be some inconvenience, but we will try to minimize the disruptions to weekly ministry.

14. Q: How will we deal with the City of Ann Arbor regarding construction permits and building regulations?

A: We have already met with City Planners informally to show them our plans and obtain their input. Our architect will meet with the Building officials during the next stage of design to be sure they are in agreement with code interpretation, permit requirements, etc.

15. Q: Regarding the ‘Go’ part of the Grace Initiative, how does the facility renovation/expansion support our strategies to reach our community and the world?

A: First, we want the gospel to remain central in everything we do as a church family – whether we are ministering in our facility, in our local communities, or around the world through our missionary partners. By updating and expanding our church building (which is long overdue!), we will be able to more effectively reach the men, women, boys and girls who attend the various activities at GBC each week. As the church body continues to grow, we are praying that the gospel will expand beyond our walls through our involvement in the community, planting churches, and supporting/sending missionaries to the uttermost parts of the earth.


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