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Justice for Mike Brown. Justice for Darren Wilson. (Thoughts on Ferguson)

Posted by Brantley Vosler on

“It is not fair.”

This seems to be the cry of both “sides” of the Mike Brown vs. Darren Wilson debate. Go on social media for two minutes and depending on who your friends are you will find all the opinions you want and you can choose your “side.”

Some will say that it’s not fair that an unarmed African American boy was shot by a white police officer. Some would say that it is not fair that an officer doesn’t have the right to shoot when he feels threatened and that this whole thing stands in the way of police keeping the public safe.

It is situations like these that tempt us to do one of two things. The first is more common… Pick a side and debate and accuse the others. The second… Lose all hope, throw up our hands and say we can’t ever even know what justice is anymore and stay out of it.

Do Christians have any answers for stuff like this? Is there any other response we can have? Do we turn to the Jew vs Gentile debate and try to compare it to race issues? Do we search through the Proverbs or the OT law to seek out wisdom on what is right and wrong?

I admit that we Christians often hyper-spiritualize current issues but I believe that scripture has the most practical and spiritual answers to matters of life and death and right and wrong. I believe that there is nothing more helpful to remember in times like these than the cross of Jesus Christ.

At the cross, justice is not fairness. We were the ones that deserved the punishment. Instead, we learn that God supersedes fairness with infinite love and justice is still served. “The wrath of God was satisfied,” was an event and not just a lyric in a song. We must remember that the cross was for Mike Brown as well as Darren Wilson. We must remember that the cross is impartial to race and to what sins you have committed. We must remember that at the cross, “liberty and justice for all,” is a fulfilled promise and not a wishful pledge.

This is not a time for us to be divided. This is not a time to lose hope. This is a time to offer hope in the Gospel of Jesus. Nothing else will bring the kind of peace and unity we are looking for.


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