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When A Boy Prays

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What starts a revival? What are the secret ingredients, steps and programs that lead a large group of people to turn their hearts to God?

The Nineveh revival: In Jonah 3, there are 8 words of Jonah’s message to the Ninevites that have been recorded. Perhaps Jonah said far more than that, but from our understanding of Jonah’s attitude and what is recorded, it would seem that his message was simple, direct and filled with God’s coming wrath. It wasn’t exactly the type of inspiring sermon one might expect would start a movement. And yet, Nineveh repented and revival broke out.

What starts a revival? An 8 word sermon?

The Great Welsh Revival: In the early 1900’s, a revival in Wales marked by over 100,000+ converts is often attributed to the fiery, emotional evangelism of Evan Roberts. While he was not known to be a great preacher, his passion and even emotional sobbing during the meetings seemed to greatly impact people. The spiritual fire caught and many people responded to the message of Jesus.

But what starts a revival? A weeping evangelist?

As a boy, Robert Evans knew the answer that question.   He knew the author of revival is the Holy Spirit. He knew that God alone does the work in people’s hearts through His word. He knew that God alone convicts of sin. He knew that God alone enlightens hearts. He knew that God alone gets the credit for life change and conversion. He knew that God alone is responsible. And so, he prayed. He prayed that God would simply be kind enough to use a little, broken person like Jonah or like himself. Evan Roberts prayed (even as a boy) for 10+ years that God would start HIS own revival. Thank God, He did.


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