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Nudges for mealtime- A note from Pastor Ty

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Wait a second… did I actually say out loud last week during our in-person services that I want to become a more patient person this year? YOU FOLKS ARE SUPPOSED TO STOP ME FROM SAYING SUCH SILLY THINGS!  HA!  

Watching our online church service on Sunday, I had to laugh at the ironic timing of this new sermon series as I sat alone in my basement for the 5th straight day due to COVID exposure.  Working on patience?  Check.  Sharing a table with others?  Not just yet.

At the end of the message, I gave a challenge for each of us to consider doing something small before or during our meal times to remind us that whether we are in a basement or a dining room, we have been invited to sit Jesus!  In order to help us focus rightly, during our meals this week, consider doing one or both of the following:

#1. Set an extra chair at the table and reflect for a moment on Christ's presence.
#2.  Pray differently before the meal.  If you need something to help in this regard, try using a liturgy like one of these.

These simple practices can help us remember that what happens “At the Table” is far more than just calorie consumption. It is a sacred moment with Jesus. May God meet you in those meal moments this week!

I am eager to see many of you next Sunday, January 16, at one of our three in-person services.

In Him,



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