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Monday Mourning

Posted by Tyson Lemke on

Another lovely day of rest has been shattered by tragic news. The most recent shootings (pause)… “most recent”- it is loathsome that we need such qualifiers- took place in Orlando. Reportedly, 49 people have died and numerous others have been injured in a clear act of terrorism.

As details surface about the shooter’s radical Muslim leanings, the weapons used, and the identity of the victims, I find myself challenged by a simple but profound question.

The question I am challenged by at the moment is NOT related to guns, immigration, sharia law or sexuality. Those questions are obviously important and need to be addressed and sorted in time, but I have been challenged this morning by Romans 12:9-21. Read it, and ask yourself… “How will I mourn with those who mourn? Today, let us weep with the weeping, pray for the hurting, and seek to overcome evil with good.


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