Grace Groups

“I am only going to be here for 3 years.”
“I already have a couple friends.”
“I don’t have the time.”
“What if the group is weird?”
“I am not sure I want to… like… pray with people and stuff.”

There are a number of reasons why someone may feel hesitant about ever considering joining a small group, but there are countless benefits in taking the leap.
Grace Groups are our way of helping move people from the “lines” of sitting in pews into real circles of relationships where people can get to know one another and grow together.  Our Grace Groups are our primary vehicle for developing relationships in our church family.  As great as Sunday mornings are, sometimes, they are simply too big to really connect with anyone else.  While we may have reasons and excuses why we may not want to be part of a small group, we do know that we need healthy relationships.  We need to be known.  We need to be cared for. We need to be encouraged.  We need to be challenged.  Basically, we need each other.
Grace Groups are designed to be small enough to allow people to get to know one another and yet not so small that it is awkward. Each year, we launch more and more small groups who are empowered to learn together, encourage one another and care for one another.  Right now there are over 20 small groups that meet in and around Ann Arbor and are divided up mostly by life-stage.  Each group chooses one of the curricula and then meets usually every other week throughout the year to discuss the curriculum and hang out.
As you might imagine, creating healthy groups requires some administration. If you would like more information, please email Mary-Lynn Hodges ( ) who can send you a form to fill out. After you fill out and submit the form, we will contact you and connect you with a group that may be a great fit for you.  There is power in godly relationships, and we encourage you to consider diving into our Grace Groups.

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