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Regathering Information

Posted by Tyson Lemke on

Church Regathering Plan for June and July June 18- Dinner Together! Come any time from 5-8pm to have a hotdog/brat dinner for free. The event will be outside, so bring the whole family (and an umbrella if it rains). GraceKids families, be sure to pick up your summer fun packet. Drop...

A Call to Fast & Pray

Posted by Tyson Lemke on

Beginning tonight after dinner, I would like to ask our church to fast and pray together.  There is deep hurt, sadness and anger in our country, and now is the time to come together as a church in the Spirit of Christ.  This fast can take different forms depending on your age and...

The Best of US... and the Worst

Posted by Tyson Lemke on

Sitting over breakfast at our hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine, my wife and I enjoyed the views of the Atlantic Ocean dotted with boats.  The week had been just about perfect in every possible way.  We had eaten great food, enjoyed fantastic weather without bugs and had been able to hike...

They Had A Dream

Posted by Tyson Lemke on

Over 70 years ago, on November 24th, 1946, a small, faithful core of people gathered in Ann Arbor, Michigan to hold a dedication service for the new Grace Bible Church.  This morning, a lovely GBC member dropped by the church office and gave us a treasure from that dedication service that...


Posted by Tyson Lemke on

As a pastor, it is with great remiss that I enter into anything particularly “political”.  I would never want to use the platform I have been given to endorse any candidate- particularly since I assume that many of the fine members of the church where I serve fall on different...

Monday Mourning

Posted by Tyson Lemke on

Another lovely day of rest has been shattered by tragic news. The most recent shootings (pause)… “most recent”- it is loathsome that we need such qualifiers- took place in Orlando. Reportedly, 49 people have died and numerous others have been injured in a clear act of...

Turn On Your Bibles?

Posted by Tyson Lemke on

The ubiquity of our “smart” devices means that many of us have a Bible app available at the touch of a screen.  While this is convenient in many ways, it is not always ideal. Sitting on a deck with members of our small group, I followed along in our Galatians Bible...

Grieving With Family

Posted by Tyson Lemke on

Like many of you, the news from Charleston this week has turned my stomach.  While every murder is a tragedy, this story is certainly sitting differently.  The idea that an evil, racist man would sit through a prayer meeting and then callously gun down God’s...


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